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 Understanding Character Stats

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PostSubject: Understanding Character Stats   Understanding Character Stats Icon_minitimeWed Oct 28, 2015 3:06 pm

We here at Fairy Tail: Rewritten use a math based system for our Duels. This is for fairness primarily, as it will be impossible for you to "God-Mod" like in a writing roleplay style website. This fighting system is 100% based on the video game, Zeref's Awakening. However, this means you'll have to learn how to fight. Wink

Once each of you create your character profile, you'll receive a set of character stats, much like this.

Alyssa Summers
Stamina: 500
Life: 500
Magic Power: 500
Strength: 117
Intelligence: 114
Speed: 27
Willpower: 351

This will be the stats you receive after your character profile is complete. Smile They will be used in configuring how your attacks land, how you are able to defend, evade, and cast your Spells.

Let's begin by breaking down each stat does. Smile


Stamina is your "Health Bar" for all intents and purposes. Smile When you are struck in battle, the damage your opponent deals to you is subtracted from your Stamina. When your opponent is drained of all their Stamina, they pass out, and you will win your fight. However, if your Stamina is drained to 0, you lose.


Life is your Life Force. It is the energy you depend on to live. If your LIFE is ever drained to 0, your character will die, and they will be sent to the afterlife. You will have to start from scratch. However, thankfully, we have a barrier in place that protects the life of Fairy Tail mages. In combination with it also being illegal, you have nothing to worry about. Smile

Magic Power

Magic Power is the energy that you draw in from inside your body to cast spells. You only have a limited amount of it, and once it's gone, you won't be able to cast any more spells for the duration of the match. Please, use your spells wisely. Smile


Our first roleplay involved stat. Strength is a measurement of the overall muscle power of your character. Strength will come into play in roleplay parts of the game, as well as some type of clashes. Train hard, and you'll be able to increase the strength of your character.


Another roleplay stat. Intelligence is the overall measure of how smart your character is. This stat is more heavily involved in roleplay. However, it has some in-battle uses as well.


This stat is heavily involved in battle, as it is not only a measurement of how fast your character is, it is also a measurement of how fast your attacks are.


This stat is almost exclusively involved in roleplay.

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Understanding Character Stats
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